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Son of a writer (Mom) and Furniture Builder (Dad) creativity is in the blood. I use my gift when I approach any situation. It comes in handy every time I step behind the camera. I love deciphering other peoples personalities and finding the creative way to portray that in a photograph. If you're just looking for some pictures, this might not be the stop for you. I create and capture moments.

As a sophomore in high school, my mom sent me on a trip to Spain. The deal was, I could go as long as I took a camera with me and took lots of pictures. That was the first time I had a camera in hand. Architecture, landscapes, people, food, classmates, anything I saw was what that disposable film camera captured. Did I just date myself? 

Fast forward to freshman year of college, where I wanted to be an international relation major with a Spanish minor, it sounded so professional. Four years later I graduated with a B.A. in Studio Art with a concentration in Photography and design, only taking the required language (Spanish) class.

Since then, I have been creating photographs professionally. 

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